Just to let you know that during a telephonic conversation with one of our clients he complimented me on the latest article in Mining Weekly.

Roger Dixon
Chairperson, SRK Consulting SA

Thank you

I would like to take the opportunity of thanking you, Michelle and Sarah on behalf of the Faculty, and also in my personal capacity, for the superb support which you have provided for the Faculty. I do hope we will have an opportunity to work with you again in the future.

Professor Beverly Kramer
Wits Faculty of Health Sciences

Thank you

Hi Sam and Sally.  Thanks very much for the contribution, looks fantastic as always.

Gregory Simpson
Editor, Mining Prospectus

Making articles happen

Thanks to you too Sally.

You made it happen!

Marcin Wertz partner and head of the mining unit at SRK Consulting SA

Fred Cawood Director: Wits Mining Institute (WMI)

Thank you very much Sally. I know how hard you worked on this. Like always – you and your team are appreciated.


Fred Cawood Director: Wits Mining Institute (WMI)

With kindest regards and as always – a very happy customer because I get such great value from you!

Substantial and Ongoing Support

Dear Sally and Michelle,

On behalf of the Faculty Research Office and in my personal capacity I would like to thank you for the substantial and ongoing support for the Prestigious Research Lecture Series. It was a pleasure to see so many press there……you excelled!

While we still are not drawing the audience “size” I have always hoped for, the people who attended last night appeared to be enthralled.

Thank you for all your help!

Professor Beverley Kramer
Assistant Dean: Research and Postgraduate Support, Wits Faculty of Health Sciences

Sonja Douman - Secretary to HOS Mining Engineering

We are grateful to have someone like you, so this New Year we wish to thank you for all the cooperation and hope to continue this association for a long time to come.




Team Effort!

It is really a team effort, including people like you who send us good material. Many thanks for your continued support! You were the very first person “outside” the office who welcomed me on board when I took over from Sarie in July last year. I was very nervous about this job at the time, and I remember well how your welcoming words calmed me down!!

Verelene De Koker
Editor, Civil Engineering

Excellent quality

The work and assistance which you have provided for the Faculty this year has been of excellent quality and of huge assistance in dissemination of our research to the community. The media coverage we have received, particularly for the Prestigious Research Lecture this week was far superior to anything we have had in the past.

Professor Beverly Kramer
Wits Faculty of Health Sciences