Thanks Sal, great work well done

Donald Gibson, Partner and Principal Scientist
SRK Consulting (SA)

Team Dynamics

Thanks so much Sally - you are a life saver.

Love working with you and your team! 🙂


Vassie Maharaj, Vassie Maharaj, director and principal consultant in stakeholder engagement
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Thank you

I would like to take the opportunity of thanking you, Michelle and Sarah on behalf of the Faculty, and also in my personal capacity, for the superb support which you have provided for the Faculty. I do hope we will have an opportunity to work with you again in the future.

Professor Beverly Kramer
Wits Faculty of Health Sciences

Many thanks

Dear ladies, thank you so much for all your help in making the PRL such a success. I believe the topic and the media exposure really help with drawing in a larger audience. Over the years the experience of working together has made the event flow more easily and I thank you for all the input and attention you provide.

It is a pleasure working with you.
Once again, many thanks

Professor Beverly Kramer, Assistant Dean: Research & Postgraduate Support
Wits Faculty of Health Sciences

Mark Wanless - Principal Geologist at SRK

That’s really good mileage off of one article, well pitched!


Received Amazing Global Response

Hi Sally

Thanks for the congratulations.

I bumped into Paul Yammin at The Ridge School Founders' Day on Saturday and he said that the latest metallic iron story and video received amazing global response and singled out response for Qatar in particular. He also expressed his amazement at how quickly we published the video. I must say that his comments pleased both me and Veronica.

Thanks again

Martin Creamer
Editor, Mining Weekly

Thank you

Wow! Thank you Sally – you are pure gold!

Professor Fred Cawood, Professor of Mine Surveying and Head of School
Wits University, School of Mining Engineering

Fred Cawood Director: Wits Mining Institute (WMI)

With kindest regards and as always – a very happy customer because I get such great value from you!

Excellent facilitation

Thanks once again for you excellent facilitation of this article. I am happy that there weren’t many changes.

Nicola Theunissen, Freelance Journalist
Mining Mirror

Big Thank You

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your efforts on our behalf over the Budget – I know you burnt a lot of midnight oil and I am really grateful. Robin is feeling very pleased with himself and thinks you are marvelous!

Jenny Gillwald
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