Professor & Head of School, Cuthbert Musingwini

Dear Sally,

Thank you for sending the final report.

Yes, it looks great! – very concise and palatable.

Professor & Head of School, Cuthbert Musingwini
School of Mining Engineering

Team Effort!

It is really a team effort, including people like you who send us good material. Many thanks for your continued support! You were the very first person “outside” the office who welcomed me on board when I took over from Sarie in July last year. I was very nervous about this job at the time, and I remember well how your welcoming words calmed me down!!

Verelene De Koker
Editor, Civil Engineering

Well done

You guys have really done exceptionally well with the media this time round...well done!

Professor Beverly Kramer Assistant Dean: Research & Postgraduate Support
Wits Faculty of Health Sciences


Just to let you know that during a telephonic conversation with one of our clients he complimented me on the latest article in Mining Weekly.

Roger Dixon
Chairperson, SRK Consulting SA

Mark Wanless - Principal Geologist at SRK

That’s really good mileage off of one article, well pitched!


Great publicity

Dear Sally,

Thank you so much for your hard work in getting the article published. The magazine and the article looks really great. I agree that it is really good coverage for SRK.

Lysette Rothmann-Guest Senior Stakeholder Engagement Specialist
SRK Consulting

Quality content

Thanks again for quality content and quick turnaround.

Kind regards


Nicola Theunissen, Freelance Writer


Thanks Sal, great work well done

Donald Gibson, Partner and Principal Scientist
SRK Consulting (SA)

Sonja Douman - Secretary to HOS Mining Engineering

We are grateful to have someone like you, so this New Year we wish to thank you for all the cooperation and hope to continue this association for a long time to come.




Thank you

Wow! Thank you Sally – you are pure gold!

Professor Fred Cawood, Professor of Mine Surveying and Head of School
Wits University, School of Mining Engineering