Many thanks Sam. It’s a well-written article – thank you for that! I greatly appreciate this.

Julie Stacey

Making articles happen

Thanks to you too Sally.

You made it happen!

Marcin Wertz partner and head of the mining unit at SRK Consulting SA

Successful Open Day

Thanks for the role you guys played in the success of our Open Day.

Sandro Scherf
Chief Executive Officer, Pilot Crushtec

Team Dynamics

Thanks so much Sally - you are a life saver.

Love working with you and your team! 🙂


Vassie Maharaj, Vassie Maharaj, director and principal consultant in stakeholder engagement
SRK Consulting (SA)

A Huge Thank You!

I was showing off the PBMR article to my family the other day when it suddenly struck me that we, especially me, are quick to comment and criticize but we never say thank you for all the publicity we get. So, THANK YOU for all the work you and your team have done on my behalf (and the office) over the years!

Peter Rosewarne
Partner, SRK Consulting

Enjoy Working With You

Thank you for your hard work - I really enjoy working with you!

Sanchia Temkin
Journalist: Professional Service, Business Day

Good News

Hi Sally,

Some good news, I just had our first enquiry from an irrigation farmer using groundwater in the Northern Cape for assistance with his WULA. He responded to our article published in FarmTech May/Jun 2015 Vol. 11 Nr 3. I hope it’s the first of many.


Desmond Visser, Associate Partner and Principal Hydrogeologist WCAPE SBU
SRK Consulting (SA)

Excellent facilitation

Thanks once again for you excellent facilitation of this article. I am happy that there weren’t many changes.

Nicola Theunissen, Freelance Journalist
Mining Mirror


This is a lovely, lovely story! As usual you and your client SRK are making my job so much easier and more enjoyable.  Thank you

Frances Ringwood, Editor
Water Sewage and Effluent, Brooke Patrick Publications


Thanks Sal, great work well done

Donald Gibson, Partner and Principal Scientist
SRK Consulting (SA)